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Artec PG-607 Piezo Pickup for 6/12 String Acoustic Guitar


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ARTEC under Saddle piezo transducer for Acoustic Guitars. 

This Artec piezo transducer pickup lets you connect your guitar to an acoustic preamp. 

Artec have a long history of providing great value pickups with above average performance. The pickup provides excellent frequency response combined with a high output.

This great piezo pickup is designed to fit on your bridge, underneath the saddle of your acoustic guitar. It is a highly sensitive transducer style piezo pickup that will plug directly into any compatible EQ or pre-amp unit.

Gold plated contact board and jack plug increase conductivity and reliability.

Teflon shielded cable enhances stability and ease of installation, and ensures a virtually noiseless acoustic sound.

This piezo pickup is easy to install, with no soldering required.

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