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Artec Hot Classic Ceramic Telecaster Pickups Chrome

£12.28 - £24.14
£12.28 - £24.14
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Artec Hot Ceramic Telecaster Picukps

Dark sounding powerful pickups ideal for blues & rock players alike
Hotter than the Alnico set, and with more mids, these pups produce more punch while still maintaining that all important Tele twang

  • Features
    Smooth sounding, subtle bluesey tones
  • Modern Tele sound
  • Outer case is thinner than usual to increase output

Ouput Bridge - 6.3K • Output Neck - 6.8K

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    Artec Hot Classics PU bridge

    Posted by Stefan Kinell on 26th Mar 2020

    It does its job well for a decent cost. I mounted it in a Fender Player Tele to get a bit more 'bite', and it gives that. I recommend these pups if you want to try some decent ceramics without blowing up your wallet :-)