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Alpha mini Pot A500K Linear 10mm shaft

Shipping Info

Genuine Mini Split-Shaft Alpha Pots

Genuine, mini ALPHA POTS Log A or Linear B Potentiometers. These Pots are fitted as standard on Mexican/Squier Telecaster models.

With a shaft of 6mm these pots are compaitble with Squier, Mexican Stratocasters and many Ibanez models

Cost effective replacements for noisy/scratchy Volume pots. High quality component with good smooth action.

Comes complete with fixing nut and plain washer. 

Choose from 250k (typically used with single coil pickups) or 500k (typicaly used in conjunction with humbuckers).

Avialable in Audio (Log) or Linear

Product Details

10%  tolerance for greater contsistancy & accuracy.

Total pot height - 25mm

Length of threaded shaft - 8mm

Diameter of split shaft - 6.0mm

Base of pot diameter - 16.5mm