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Brass Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins pack of 6


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Product Description

Brass Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar

This set of 6 solid brass bridge pins for acoustic guitar are made from bell-brass, the same bronze material used in the manufacture of bells. It's a material well known for its high density, allowing it to store energy and thereby transfer string vibrations.

Brass Guitar Bridge Pins

The brass colour of these pins look fantastic with any acoustic guitar finish, and the knurled heads ensure they're easy to pull out when you need a string change.

Fitting these Brass Bridge Pins to your acoustic will result in superior sustain, improved clarity and a warmer tone. If you find that the bass is weak on your acoustic guitar, or the treble response isn't cutting quite as much as you'd like, a set of these will make a huge difference.

Why fit new Bridge Pins?

The bridge of your guitar is one of the most important components whether you play electric or acoustic. As a contact point for string vibrations, improperly fitting or worn out pins can strangle your strings and prevent them from reaching their true voice.

With a fresh set of brass bridge pins fitted to your acoustic guitar, you'll find the quality of your single note playing improves massively, and chords will sound gigantic. These brass guitar pins are an inexpensive way to hugely improve the tone of your acoustic.

Brass Bridge Pins Specifications

  • Material - Solid Brass
  • Orientation - Left or Right Handed


Brand Name:
Northwest Guitars
Solid brass construction
Left/Right Handed
Sub Category:
Acoustic Guitar Parts