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500K Solid Shaft Potentiometer - Audio Taper


Sold Out. More arriving soon!

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Audio Taper Pots give you a more perceivable change in sound over the course of a full turn of your guitar knob. A lot of guitarists prefer having a wider spectrum of control over their volume and tone knobs as it can be more useful in a live scenario. An Audio Taper Pot gives you more dynamic control for volume swells, and lets you roll off your volume knob to get a cleaner guitar tone with more precision than a Linear Pot.

  • Audio Taper (Logarithmic) Pot
  • Total pot depth - 30mm
  • Length of sold shaft - 9mm
  • Diameter of threaded shaft - 9.5mm
  • Diameter of solid shaft - 6.3mm
  • Base of pot diameter - 23.5mm
Brand Name:
Pot Type:
Audio Taper
Pot Value:
Shaft Type:
Solid Shaft