500K Long Shaft Push Pull Potentiometer - Audio Taper


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Product Description

CTS Long Shaft 500k Push Pull Pot - Audio Taper

CTS pots are typically used by higher end guitar builders and techs and you’ll often find them used in USA-made guitars and guitar gear. CTS Pots are extremely popular due to their sturdy build construction ensuring long lasting performance.


  • Shaft diameter - 0.235'' (5.95mm)
  • Thread - 3/8'' x 32
  • Thread height - 3/8'' (9.52mm)
  • Thread height - 3/4'' (19.05mm)
  • Required hole diameter - 3/8'' (9.52mm)
  • Cavity depth - 1'' (25.4mm)
  • 24 spline to suit imperial sized control knobs

500k Pots

500k pots work best with humbuckers because of their higher resistance. A higher resistance means a brighter sound, so pairing them with the more typically ‘dark’ sounding humbuckers helps your pickups really shine, preventing them from sounding ‘muddy’. This is why you’d typically find 500k pots in humbucker equipped guitars from manufacturers such as Gibson, Epiphone, PRS and Ibanez.

Push Pull Pot

The Push Pull Pot, particularly in the modern era of guitar has become one of those must have electric guitar modifications, adding further versatility to the already Swiss Army Knife-esque electric guitar armoury. They can do various functions but are most commonly used to split humbuckers (known as coil splitting or coil tapping) as well as reversing the phase of pickups which can give you some amazing tonal options.

Audio Taper Pots

Instead of allowing signal through in a straight line, an Audio Taper Pot does it with a curve in the middle, giving a more perceivable change in sound over the course of a full turn of your guitar knob. A lot of guitarists prefer having control in a smaller portion of the guitar knobs as it is more useful in a live scenario, giving easier control for volume swells as well as the speed of change when riding the volume to go from clean to dirty or vice versa.


Brand Name:
Pot Style:
Push PUll
Pot Type:
Audio Taper
Pot Value:
Shaft Type:
Split Shaft