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5 Band Tone Selector for Passive Pickups

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Artec QTP 5-Band Tone Selector On Board Circuit For Electric Guitars - Passive

The Artec QTP 5 Band Tone Selector is inspired by the historical 5-band tone selector on vintage guitars, letting you add additional sound sculpting functionality to your guitar.

There are 4 different tonal options for you to utilise with Very Hi-Cut, Hi-Cut, Mid Hi-Cut and Mid-Cut all on hand to heko you modify your guitar tone on-the-fly. The Bypass setting ensures that your guitar tone remains uncoloured and the low output impedance ensures that it's stable with a low noise level and a very slight level reduction.

As it's passive it does not require external power and makes a great add-on to a custom guitar that's crying out for something extra. It can be used with active or passive pickups and the different tones are all very usuable.

If you're looking for something extra that's easy to install, the Artec QTP 5 Band Tone Selector will give you just that, offering up unique guitar tones at the flick of a switch.