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43mm Bone Nut for Acoustic Guitars


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43mm Premium unbleached bone nut for Acoustic Guitars

Premium quality unbleached carved bone nut. A fantastic upgrade to the standard plastic nut on many acoustic guitar models.
The easiest and cheapest way to improve the tone on your instrument is to start with the strings breaking points, ie. the nut and then the saddles/bridge.

Bone is considered by many professional musicians to be the best material to retain your guitars natural tone, allowing for a better attack and greater sustain.
Typically found on Custom Shop and Deluxe models, bone nuts offer a serious improvement in tone for relatively low price.

Improved tone and Stability

This hard wearing carved and pre-slotted bone nut provides superb acoustic resonance for a tight, crisp sound.
Width: 43mm
Height: 8mm-7mm
String spacing: 36mm
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