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4 x Open Back Bass Tuners for Left Handed Bass Guitar

£23.99 - £29.99

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£23.99 - £29.99

Set of 4 in line left handed Vintage Bass Tuners. These tuners will fit Precision Bass and Jazz Bass guitars. The 4 screws fix the tuner to the back of the headstock, and the knurled push-fit bushing secures the string post from the front of the headstock.

Fantastic high quality, robust machine heads, made in the same factory responsible for manufacturing Wilkinson Hardware.


Split post for quick stringing

Heavy duty, well plated

Complete with colour matched bushings and screws

Ratio - 1:20

To fit Standard Bass tuner holes (18mm)

Set of 4 machine heads

Totally reversibile - Machine heads can be converted to left handed. Simply unscrew the gear, switch the tuning key to the other side and voila!

Use as right handed, left handed

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Tuners - Bass
Tuner Orientation:
Left Handed