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3-ply Dave Gilmour Style 11 Hole Stratocaster Scratchplate - With Mini Toggle slot


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3-ply Dave Gilmour Style Scratchplate with Mini Toggle Cutout 

A significant feature of this scratchplate is the custom cutout in between the volume and tone knobs to accommodate the recessed mini toggle switch. It's a unique feature that is synonymous with Gilmour's Black Strat.

The scratchplate is made from 3-ply black/white/black acrylic

If you're looking to build your own Gilmour Strat then this is an essential bit of kit.

Our scratchplates are 1mm thick single-ply acrylic and will fit Genuine USA and Fender Stratocaster bodies. However, if you would like to check compatibility against you guitar please download our template here

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