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1 Piece Replacement Precision Bass Electric Guitar Neck - Satin Finish


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Replacement Precision Bass Neck

We've been making bodies and necks for many years now, and we have achieved a reputation among builders and luthiers for producing wood products of the highest quality.

We use only hand selected hardwoods from the USA to ensure consistency and quality, and manufacture everything in our own factory. We run a relatively small operation, meaning we can make everything by hand, without the need for expensive CNC machinery, thus keeping the costs relatively low.

All our necks are made from high quality A grade North American Maple

All our necks are made from North American Hard Rock Maple. All frets are levelled, dressed & polished, meaning you can just bolt the neck on and you're ready to play (although a tweak of the truss rod may be necessary to get the action just the way you want it). 

Bone nut fitted as standard

 The high quality unbleached bone nut offers improved tonal qualities, and is pre-slotted to accommodate 9-42 gauge strings.

Please note: Final string slot filing and nut shaping modification may be required to ensure lower action, depending on your playing style. 

All our necks are made to standard Fender dimensions

compatible with genuine Fender bodies

Please note:
We are unable to pre-drill the mounting holes into the back of the neck for you. This is because we cannot guarantee that the holes we drill will match 100% with the holes in your guitar body.
This is a very simple thing to do, and we have created a very easy-to-follow video tutorial on the subject which you can view here

Maximum Purchase:
2 units
Natural satin
Neck material:
Fretboard material:
Scale length:
Modern C
Profile thickness:
20mm @ 1st fret, 23mm @ 12th fret
Number of frets:
Fret size:
2.6mm (medium jumbo)
Tuner hole size:
Truss rod access:
Heel (Phillips head)
Truss rod type:
Double action
Nut type:
Bone nut (pre-slotted)
Nut width:
Skunk stripe:
Side dots:
Heel width:
62 mm
Heel depth:
26 mm
Finish type:

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Maple P Bass neck

    Posted by Adrian on 30th Apr 2020

    Top notch!. I requested for a neck with a heel width of at least 63mm to fit my p bass neck pocket of 63.5mm and northwest guitars did exactly that. Neck fits onto the body like a glove. Perfecto! Quality of the neck at this price point is excellent. Frets needs to be polish though but there isnt any sharp fret edges to deal with.
    Neck is smooth and look Straight. I cant wait to see, feel and hear how it performs when the bass is setup and finish. Well done NWG and stay safe!

  • 4
    Maple p bass neck

    Posted by Paul Newby on 28th Nov 2019

    Nice neck, pity about the machining tear out on one of the tuning peg holes

  • 4
    Maple Precision Bass Neck

    Posted by Thomas Moonan on 30th May 2019

    Immediately out of the box the finish on the neck looked and felt great. The frets were not polished to a mirror finish as the web site claims, but a quick going over with Stewmac fret erasers and the frets look stunning. Well levelled and crowned.
    Now that the neck is on the bass, it is superb. One the neck relief was adjusted (which is only to be expected) it breathed new life into the instrument. Very pleased with it.