Artec Alnico V Humbucker Guitar Pickups with Adjustable Pole Pieces


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Artec Alnico V Vintage Humbucker Pickups

Fantastic Vintage sound at a great price
Another great pickup from our friends at Artec. A really authentic humbucking sound courtesy of the Alnico V magnets. Great for overdrive and hard rock.
These pickups come complete with pickup ring for installation on most Gibsons Epiphone & Gretsch models. Or remove the pickup surround for easy installation into your Stratocaster

To avoid inner metal case feedback, the pickups are vacuum wax potted individually. Then the whole thing is wax potted again after the metal case is added. All in all a fantastic set of pups for anyone looking for affordable reliable tone.

Product Features

Magnets: Alnico V

Neck Pickup: 8.4k 

Bridge Pickup: 16.4k

Neck Pole Spacing:50mm

Bridge Pole Spacing:52mm

Totally tappable

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